What makes this law office different:

Top quality, training and experience … combined with a fresh, personal style of practice.

Greg Feis, now in practice for more than 40 years, decided in 2003 to join his many years of large-firm partnership, training and experience with a client-friendly approach to legal counseling, client service, and fees. The result: his clients get the best of both worlds.

Greg is approachable, reliable and down-to-earth, and is gratified that his select group of loyal clients view him as a friend and confidant, whose counsel they seek regularly. His clients receive his personal attention, and are not handed off to junior associates. Though Greg is aggressive on behalf of his clients, he is likable and informal, without an overbearing attitude. He has a very responsive, service-first approach which clients immediately notice and appreciate. He focuses his practice narrowly, in order to provide truly skilled service in those areas. His Client Testimonials reflect the success of this approach.

Greg’s education, training, experience and breadth of knowledge are first-rate. He was on Law Review and in the top 1/8 of his class at a top-15 law school. He has worked both with and successfully and tenaciously against many of the largest, most prestigious, fast-paced law firms in Washington, New York, Los Angeles, Silicon Valley and Chicago. Before opening his own law office, he was a full partner at the 4th largest law firm office in Washington DC, and before that a full partner at one of the 10 largest law firms in the country. Please see the Biography page for more information on Greg’s education and background, and the Prior Representations page for more information on Greg’s experience.

Greg doesn’t nickel-and-dime his clients. For example, he believes that it is not appropriate to charge clients for his expenses of doing business, so Greg does not bill his clients for everyday local or long distance phone company charges, postage, faxes, copies, on-line legal research and similar charges. Greg wants to become a trusted advisor and confidant of his clients, and understands that one way to accomplish this is to be fair and reasonable in his billing policies.

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