Philosophy on Client Services,
and Client Testimonials

The business world today is tough, demanding and fast-paced. A lawyer should see, foresee, understand and solve problems for his/her client, in accordance with the client’s needs and expectations, in an efficient and excellent manner. The lawyer must not be a deal-killer, an impediment, or otherwise one who introduces unnecessary delay or complexity into a situation, but rather should be a facilitator and a supportive advocate working to accomplish a common goal.

Greg Feis seeks to provide the quality of service one hopes to find at a large law firm, together with a level of personal attention and a fee structure clients appreciate. Greg has extensive experience handling legal matters for individuals and for businesses ranging in size from very large, public companies to start-ups.

Please see the sample Client Testimonials for examples of the feedback Greg Feis receives from his clients.

Whatever the size and scope of a client and its legal needs, Greg believes that the client is entitled to the very highest level of service, which includes:

  • Responsiveness. Greg believes in being there for his clients when they need him. If he is occupied for a period during the business day he returns phone calls and e-mails as quickly as possible, the same business day, using the technology he has in place to stay in touch. He uses and checks his voice-mail regularly during the business day and off-hours.
  • Substantive Knowledge and Expertise. Greg’s biography and his listing of prior transactions and representations highlight his experience and training. He has been practicing business law for over 40 years, first at major, leading law firms, and then in his own practice since early 2003, facing and successfully resolving for clients a wide range of issues and challenges. While a partner at his previous law firms, he became a resource valued for his business law expertise and his general business sense, which were often sought out by clients and members of the firms alike. Greg’s practice is focused on the areas shown at the top of the Home Page, and he does not try or pretend to be an authority on all areas of law. (This Law Office does, however, have extensive contacts in the legal community, and Greg and his clients have ample access to outside lawyers in other areas of practice if required.)
  • A Client-First Attitude. Greg believes the client, not the lawyer, should determine the format and amount of legal services to be provided. A lawyer needs to listen to the client, really understand what the client wants and needs, and work within that framework. Greg works to ensure that the scope of his legal work stays consistent with the client’s expectations and budget. Greg realizes that many of a lawyer’s future clients come from existing clients, and he seeks to make his clients so satisfied with his services that they are eager to send their friends and family to him.
  • Technological Proficiency. The business world now demands it. A lawyer who can think great thoughts, but cannot work in the real-time, fast-paced world driven in part by technology, is not going to be of much use to a client. Of course Greg has broadband internet access, both at his office and at home, carries a smartphone and a fully encrypted laptop computer (with wireless e-mail/internet access) even while traveling whenever possible, and is very efficient and comfortable with the use of technology. He is proficient exchanging documents with clients or opposing counsel on a very rapid turnaround basis. He uses and checks his voice-mail regularly, so that he can be responsive at all times.

A few words about fees: Many prospective clients are concerned about fees, as they should be. Greg is happy to discuss this subject up front, and likes to make sure that the client understands and is comfortable with the fee structure he and the client settle upon in advance. Fees can be billed on an hourly basis, as a pre-determined charge for the entire matter, as a success or contingency fee, some combination of these, or on some other basis which makes sense under the circumstances.

As in any service business, you can find lawyers with rates lower, and lawyers with rates higher, than Greg’s. One of the major advantages to Greg’s move from a very large law firm to Greg’s own law office is that, by keeping overhead down, Greg can bill at rates which clients find more appealing, while still giving the excellent service and providing the experience they seek. Greg is certain that the value and efficiency he provides his clients support his fees, and that his fees reasonably reflect what clients should expect to pay for the services of a lawyer of this caliber.

Client Testimonials

Here are excerpts from letters received by Greg Feis from some of his very satisfied clients:

From the Seller of a U.S. Business to a German corporate buyer (an 8-figure sale):

“Although I am a very experienced owner and manager of our company, the process of selling is something I have only done once, and it was great to have your guidance throughout every step of a very challenging and stressful experience. Thanks for your calm encouragement when it was most needed. Your ability to keep the process moving and respond so quickly to each bump in the road was truly an advantage for our owners, and I told our outside shareholders how truly fortunate we were to have you on our side. In addition to speed, you have been the most efficient and productive professional services provider our company has ever worked with, and did an excellent job in keeping our costs as low as possible. You are the first attorney in our history that we have ever paid a bonus, and you earned it and probably more.”

“Finally, I think the greatest evaluation of your work comes from the buyer of our company on the other side of our transaction. Following the close of the acquisition, they have retained you to replace their former counsel as they pursue other transactions in North America going forward.”

From a Venture Capital Investor Client:

“I want to commend you on the excellent legal services you provided in connection with our recent venture capital financing transaction. You have all the attributes I expect in a good law firm: knowledge and seasoned experience, professionalism, integrity, strategic thinking, enthusiasm, and responsiveness.”

“You were as experienced and knowledgeable as the two large national law firms working on this transaction for the other parties, and provided service at a level at least equal to theirs (though at a more favorable rate). Through no fault of yours, when other parties caused the timing to slip, you handled this expertly and got the process back on track. You also won the respect of the Chairman of the Board of Directors of the party receiving our investment.”

“On a more personal note, I very much enjoyed working with you on this deal. Your dedication, concern and interest in the deal and in me as a client were very much appreciated. In summary, you have earned my most enthusiastic recommendation.”

From the Founder of a Technology Company:

“I am writing about the legal services you provided… As a founder I was dedicated to the success of the firm at a deep emotional level, and selecting either business suppliers or service providers was always a crucial decision. The selection of a corporate lawyer is one of the most important decisions for any firm, particularly a high technology based start up.”

“I was very pleased with the quality, attentiveness and responsiveness of your services. I found you to be very knowledgeable on business law matters as they came up, and a real expert in finance, securities and corporate issues. You were instrumental in getting the venture capital deal done successfully. Unlike other lawyers I have dealt with in the past, you always responded very promptly to messages. You always acted as a true friend to the company, and became a trusted advisor.”

“I look forward to having the opportunity to work with you again, and would recommend your services wholeheartedly.”

From a Local Small Business Client:

“Thank you for your professional services. You have provided outstanding legal council… We have searched a long time to find an attorney that is trustworthy and dependable. We are very pleased to have you as a part of our team.”

“Through our entire business relationship you have been responsive and detail oriented which has allowed us to stay focused on our business and not getting distracted with legal details.”

From an Overseas Client with U.S. Business Transactions:

“I would like to express my appreciation for your advice and assistance during the many projects that we worked on together. It was always a great comfort to me to know I could rely on your legal and business judgment during our long association whether the transaction was an acquisition, a joint venture or some other complex commercial deal. I especially valued your attention to detail and ability to draft the precise legal documents necessary to capture the exact terms of the transaction that we were working on at the time. Moreover, your responsiveness to the matters in hand always ensured that the transaction always proceeded just as fast as the business decisions could be made.”

(For client privacy reasons, the names of the clients providing this feedback are not shown; the original letters are on file at the Law Office of Gregory S. Feis. These testimonials do not constitute a guarantee, warranty or prediction regarding the outcome of your legal matter.)

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