6 Types of Clients

While Greg Feis represents a wide range of satisfied clients of all sizes (see Client Testimonials), the following 6 types of clients are among those that clearly benefit from the combination of his small office and major firm experience.

  • Companies seeking continuity. Companies who are tired of the inefficiency and disruption caused by a law firm assigning new and different lawyers to their legal matters. These clients value having a very experienced lawyer handle their matters responsively, reliably and consistently. They value receiving the personal attention of, and maintaining a long-term relationship of trust with, a lawyer of Greg’s experience, quality and temperament, and like the fact that they are working with the “managing partner” of Greg’s law office.
  • Young companies. New or start-up companies seeking affordable and very efficient, yet experienced and highly-qualified, legal services.
  • Companies tired of the attitude. Companies who have worked in the past with lawyers who want to do things their own way and do not truly listen to what the client wants and needs.
  • Companies skimping by. Small to medium size companies who should be getting legal advice on issues important to them at their stage of development, but who have tried to skimp by without legal help by relying on company founders or others.
  • Companies seeking  cost-efficiency combined with quality experience. Companies of any size, or individuals, who do not want to pay top dollar, whether for routine legal needs or for mission-critical transactions that could be handled more cost-effectively by a small yet highly qualified law office. These clients report that they wish to avoid the “overkill” of extensive resources and large teams of lawyers that can be brought to bear by large firms.  Greg is able to bring his many years of experience and knowledge gained during his partnership in very large international firms to this client-friendly platform.
  • Companies needing a part-time General Counsel. Companies with recurring but less than full-time legal needs, who seek a part-time outside General Counsel to personally handle a wide range of general business matters for a predetermined monthly retainer. This makes their legal expenditures predictable and cost-effective, without having a full-time in-house counsel on their payroll.